Dissertation Coaching

It’s hard to pin down the average length of a dissertation, but it’s safe to say that when you’re writing one it feels like it’s longer than some of those ancient commentaries written by some hermit who obviously never had to contend with distractions like cell phones, email, and Facebook. Writing a dissertation is a big undertaking and it’s okay to need some help along the way.

Knowing when to get some help can save you a lot of time, maybe even years of struggling with an unwieldy research question or conflicting theories.

Writing a dissertation isn’t just about putting words down on the page. From the very beginning when you compose your proposal and determine your research questions, we help you think strategically about how you will succeed in completing your dissertation. The Patrice Group provides assistance in choosing the theories that guide your inquiry, conducting a lit review, and developing your methodology. We know how to develop critical interview questions and effective survey instruments, and we can coach you through statistical analysis as well.

If you want to finish your dissertation, we can make it happen.

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